MAY 2020


J. K. Durick

Stephanie Musarra

James Aitchison

Susan N Aassahde

Harjeet Singh

Anne Brison

J. K. Durick

Daniel de Culla

Nivedita Karthik

Sylvia Semel

Joseph Hope

Ajay Kumar

John Grey

Olude S. P.

Christopher Barnes

Thomas E. Simmons

Daniel de Culla

Billie McCorkle

Scott Varengo

Robert Beveridge

G. Mitchell Layton

Susan M. Surette

Nadia Benjelloun

H.E. Grahame

Michael Keshigian

Fabrice B. Poussin

Daniel de Culla

G. David Schwartz

Pic 1

Jack Hirschman & Francisco Dominguez at the Sacramento International Film Festival © epg

David Turner Sol Art and Poem

© David Turner. He studied at Oxford and has spent 40 years outside GB in Spain and Latin America. Fluent in four languages, his hobbies include history, reading, and writing. He has a daughter in London and one in Scotland. He says, "I have always wanted to make my name as a writer."


The Chess Match: A Play by Gary Beck

Duplicity by Sterling Warner

Under the Boardwalk by Darryl Graff

The Wedding Gift by Enda Boyle

Untitled by Anna Schaeffer

Sierra to the Extreme! by Zach Murphy

Stardust by Yash Seyedbagheri

The Zombie Baphomet by Daniel de Culla

Castor Starlight: Race to Polaris by Laara C Oakes

the sweet life by David Jacobs

Lead Us to Culture - A One-Act Play by Gary Beck

The Amateur Naturalist: Australia by Julia Lesel

Three Planets by Doug Hawley

Perturbed Future by David Yang

The Red Rings by Jordell Rodrigues

Flush by Vox Populi

Bakery in Paris by Julia Lesel

Back in Time by Victor Magallanes

Porn.Com by Darryl Graff





Xico González reads at the UC Davis Arboretum © epg









Life Is-Transition by Michael Lee Johnson

Tequila(v2) by Michael Lee Johnson

Clockmaker(v4) by Michael Lee Johnson

Jesus in a Nighttime City(v4) by Michael Lee Johnson

In Praise of Rivers by Kit Chell

Green Willow Tree by Michael Lee Johnson

Hawaiian Islands Pidgin

Empty Branch Trees by Michael Lee Johnson

I Did Not Pick Poetry - A Video Poem by Kit Chell

A Burnt Offering by Dee Sunshine written 27th January 1995: The 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Kit Chell Poetry Performance, Eugene, Oregon Downtown Public Library, October 2014

Chatoyant 9 - words and music from Ruben Reveles, frank andrick, Rachel Leibrock, Sage Robbins and Jessalyn Wakefield

The Yarre Stooker film Mary, based on Eddie Woods’ poem “Mary” and starring Win Harms in the title role, is online for general viewing here:

Poets in Motion

Poetry videos by Michael Lee Johnson

John Yamrus is interviewed on bctv

frank andrick reads on GoodDay Sacramento

Tony Seymour, Ruebi Jiminez and Phillip T. Nails read at SPC

Our House Poetry Series I, II

Carrie Rudzinski at SPC © epg



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