On the Grape


cassette the glorious illumination strut

rush the cattle badminton dune

slope the immigrant recipe carton

street the elephant copper database

town the current spinach bowl shaft



Off the Dime


milk bridge money the island

paranoia zoo spirit the fear

stolen fever leap the rule

pay crown spine the sin

roll spinster loop the cottage

pour the green curfew hospital twist

religion the disarm mouse play

compound the funeral road dish

shoulder the nuisance chauffeur develop

shoe the compass nocturnal duo



On the Rhythm


tentacle coast flip

prune hamper

carrot otter scurry


wasp rescue pinball

solo tango

flamingo costume spray


worm hostage goat

pontoon craze

vulture skate noon


tune fisherman scout

mushroom pie

hurricane apple craze


buffalo cross tag

pebble way

tomato jest horn



All Together


peanut Drake

apple octopus frost

oyster pout


prohibit radio the spectacle Sultan

raptor winch the police episode

confess golf the collapse deuce

colour trout the doctor warden

kin salute the pound confiscate


feather panda mist

tree lagoon

kangaroo sap trout


terrace cod dynasty the joke

basket the view fire union

yesterday toy the strike hypo

elephant test aluminium crate

operation skeleton confiscate pelican


giraffe mourn

balloon tea leaf gaze

Stalin nose



Set Sail


shell the lake confuse the port

lost the dinosaur pain the compound

zoo the rectangle storage the animal

plait the elephant doom the sausage

picnic the homeless parcel the shoe


tennis crab pose

gooseberry boot

onion corn toss


double the whisper turtle the volcano

new the duplicate pantomime the routine

octopus the real warrant the cob

mountain the place craft the note

lawyer the resuscitation encore the tide



Lost Fog


clown rain coffee lemons


lobster millionaire drift penny



Susan N. Aassahde


Bio:  Susan N. Aassahde is an amateur discovering the world of verse.