Five Experimental Poems


Article Move


walk the rush pile gravel

voice flute the alone bulb

equal dash police the resurrection

slay obvious the jaguar conclusion

purgatory the rice task jail


clock the rinse domain wild

shell tail the spire continue

army vapour discontent the sound

unison minus the arch few

medical the content wardrobe prose 


Still on the Move


croft the moor soldier sharp

nuclear telephone the contraband castle

closet tornado draft the flame

condone triumph the wagon crest

baptism the street routine shark




Five on the Run


polyester shadow   

scullery cupcake 

vinyl guardian 


train drought

casket syringe

paper matron


prayer tax

elastic spinster

canon lisp


submarine stamp

alcohol custodian

school statue


nocturnal piston

university sleuth

totem dilemma 




Five single 


course doctor janitor cathedral


general freeway lunch toll


glow system cartridge grass


dance print folk property


medicine shoe pollen wallet




All for a Change


helicopter the hill cup rune

creator opinion the acne bus

thesaurus pastor country the question

balance coast the prison square

money the axe refuge power


plastic train 

obelisk dwell 

region psalm 


disaster cube forfeit bridge


garden jester capital leak


Susan N Aassahde


Bio:  Susan N Aassahde is an amateur discovering the world of verse.