Ten Haiku/Senryu


Count Dice


clang tweak

for roots of burrow

on spring pink



Blemish Fuse


early bleat

for willows of sap

on cocoon frost



Empty Lot


robin haze

for keys of cake

on mountain pebble



Crazy Pike


lemon diet

for talons of clap

on bramble monsoon



Hot Justice


hawk roost

for twirls of rose

on coffee mosaic



Dance Check


fallen leaves

for pokers of dew

on wasp seed



Random Atone


fresh blossom

for riots of snow

on cobble rain



Super Howl


crop peck

for trains of cherry

on lobster hay



Rail Tout


harvest step

for trumpets of creak

on fickle duvet



Season Dare


June crumbs

for peat of yellow

on tornado strike


Susan N Aassahde


Bio:  Susan N Aassahde has haiku/Senryu published with Down in the Dirt, Plum Tree Tavern, Spill Words and various other journals.