Seven Experimental Haiku



Ramble on the Run


lavender snow
kaleidoscope cargo
mint potato


cello keg
scuttle wax
turbine pelt


kayak muse
Nebraska scout
cinder pup


tornado roam
kestrel snout
paper hop


fisherman grizzle
candy ranch
hippopotamus jest


On the Fly


platypus volcano of record spouse
order lobster of clan kiln
stag kilt of hamster rent
farm capitol of torch pavement
roulette help of nurse resort



One more Test


juror speech of cat zebra!


Tempt Centre
nocturnal escalator of balloon research


icicle clam torrent
frost hamlet
leopard hint patch


fickle magma of dye javelin


cray the jubilant
"dumpster cry!"
map the gnome faucet
protocol sigh,
"Wind the rooster?"


ocean Kentucky of billboard starch


bumble cot soccer
turtle drift

spice tusk saloon


acrobat toad of flank acoustic


Total Window


donkey nettle concert  
quiche toy
Bermuda sow bulldog


plain snail of flurry beacon
kelp high of wrong fall
zoo hospital of dent sweet


thyme spot
mustard shuttle
swift jazz


feather tout
rainbow clay
race shield


holiday alpaca of drunk brush
clown peep of correct stall
stage fern of dune catacomb


trifle Dodo pimple
river scone blight



Sway the Jersey


cube elastic fellow
pickle cobble
grocery snooze laze


raptor mouse of folk hinge
quest indigo of talon coffee
turn chicken of chuckle dash 


blind carrot heist
police hamlet
spine autograph lot



Handle the Seep


frog broccoli stove
shovel faint
dandelion rose fee


Susan N Aassahde


Bio:  Susan N Aassahde has work located on M58, Plum Tree Tavern, Poetry Life and Times, Poetry Pea and Best Poetry, she has work pending on Down in the Dirt magazine.