Ten Experimental Haiku



Lost Count


mountain donkey flick

rhubarb ice-cream antenna

orange gallop sty



Puppy Kilt


pounce tornado stall

blimp wasp steam plait Ferrier

crook nostalgic beak



Laughter Hop


lobster street bamboo

shepherd congress gleam lagoon

hilltop ballet rain



Justice Coward


jazz medallion doze

parachute frost holiday

lime feather crackle



Sizzle Trap


auburn penny raft

sunflower costume dazzle

lob ghoulish auction



Cottage Tent


pinecone Buskin knock

tag snore hurricane crevice

daffodil glee flute



Duty Flounce


pluck carrot treacle

jot fisherman canopy

tumble pudding kick



Tilt Happiness


hyacinth broth ice

stump torpedo butter loaf 

camel nobble taste



Temper Loot


monsoon pea flagpole

custody drumkit gloat haze

elephant woe beak



Conference Steady


nibble falcon cry

sleet candy douse gherkin plop

hypo disown jest


Susan N Aassahde


Bio:  Susan N Aassahde studied English at university.  Her experimental verse and haiku can be found in these journals: M58, Plum Tree Tavern, Poetry Life and Times, Poetry Pea, Down in the Dirt, Spill Words and Best Poetry.