Deus ex machine 


purblind at cockcrow

wounded above parapet

I groped for rain leftover if any

marooned in the puddles

by the wayside last night

disembogued of welkin

to slake my deteriorating thirst

miry it all had been turned

begrimed by a dusty wind

blowing untimely along

faraway it suddenly loomed

somethinŐ approaching

a snowball cantaloupe melon

zephyr was rolling onto me  


© Husain Abdulhay


Bio: Husain Abdulhay has poems published in Alban Lake Publishing, Avocet, Cacti Fur, Fib Review, Foliate Oak, Jellyfish Whispers, Quail Bell Magazine, and Ygdrasil. His haiku appears in Failed Haiku, Haikuniverse, Pkankmaton, and Wales Haiku Journal, likewise.