I know youÕre in there


I know youÕre in there hiding under my bed making that awful sound

I know youÕre in there in my closet pushing my clothes back and forth

I know youÕre out there tapping my window every time

 I start to doze off and forget about you

I know youÕre in my head every time

I watch a movie with you or your friends in it

But I also know you hate the light

And thatÕs why I never turn it off at night

Because in the light you never make a sound



The first game


Putting on the green jersey as if it were some type of armor made to protect me against the opposing warriors.

I remember the crowd cheering and screaming as if they were all set on fire and they were agonizing about the pain, but there was no pain, there were just loud noises.

I remember leaving the little hallway and the crowd cheering. I remember the feeling inside my stomach as if there was a large black hole inside me sucking me of energy and making my knees feel like they were just toothpicks.

I remember hitting the game-winning shot and seeing my teammates run at me like I was a positive magnet and they were all negatives.

I remember the excitement rushing down me like a lightning bolt. It felt like riding a rollercoaster for the first time.



© Mohamed Abdulkadir


Mohamed is a second year student at Concordia University in St. Paul where he studies Creative Writing.