From Love to Revenge

“How could this have happened? How did I mess up?” Kenneth thought to himself. Ever since his ex-wife abandoned him for her new husband, Jason, he was left alone. Kenneth needed closure after the long battle, so he decided to move into his father’s house temporarily. He had always thought that he was the one who caused their relationship to fall apart, but couldn’t understand what he did wrong. He wanted answers, and believed that the only way to get them was by talking with Luisa directly. He figured that if he could look anywhere first, it would be where he considered the madness to have begun.

Kenneth started the engine of his Mercedes and started his trip to the mansion that Luisa and her new husband were living in. Upon arriving at the estate, he was greeted by a large gate. The gate opened automatically, and he drove his car into the driveway.

“Luisa, we need to get things straight! Let me in so we can talk,” Kenneth yelled from the front yard. “I don’t understand why you left me!”

She opened the front door and stood there in disbelief, shocked to see him right in front of her. “What do you want from me?” she asked, “Leave now or I’ll call the cops. You’re trespassing onto my property.”

Refusing to leave, he pushed Luisa aside and walked right through the doors into the house and took a seat on the couch. Kenneth looked around, amazed at all of the decorations that showed off her newfound wealth. She had turned from a pauper to a demanding mistress, simply by marrying Jason. Whatever she wanted, she got.

“Jason! Grab the rifle and and get this guy out of here,” she commanded. Jason pointed the gun at Kenneth and threatened to shoot him.

Holding the rifle in his hand, he counted, “One, two, thr—”

“Fine, I’ll go. But mark my words, this isn’t the last time I’ll see you. Luisa, you’ll pay for what you did to me.” Kenneth had no choice but to leave because there was clearly no way that she would settle this without aggression. After that terrible day, he had wandered around aimlessly, loathing the idea of having to return to his gray, empty home with his gray, empty father.

Weeks passed by, and Kenneth couldn’t stop thinking about what caused all of this to happen. In those weeks, he came to the realization that maybe it wasn’t his fault. Maybe the reason that Luisa left Kenneth and never talked to him again was for the wealth Jason had. Maybe that’s why Kenneth was abandoned in Los Angeles.

He decided that he didn’t want to ponder about the relationship any longer. It was time that Luisa would have to face the consequences for her actions. Kenneth couldn’t stand being alone, so instead he decided to stalk his ex-wife and plot her death. After all, she had cheated on him six times in their relationship and she took all of his possessions.

 “What else do I have to lose?” he thought. He decided to take matters into his own hands. It was time for him to avenge his failed relationship and wasted care.

Planning the assassination would require a lot of work. He searched the Internet and found out that strychnine was a quick and easy way to kill her. He got his hands onto the drug, and was ready to execute the plan.

“Dad, I have some business to take care of,” he said as he walked out the door. “It’s very important that I get this done.” Kenneth prepared the drugs that he would use to eliminate her.

“I only have one shot at this, and I need to get it right,” he said as he drove to Luisa’s grand estate. He would have to sneak in, and put the poison into the dinner that they would be eating that evening. Kenneth secretly entered their house through the kitchen window, which they left open.

“Let’s do this,” he whispered to himself while sprinkling the strychnine powder into their soup. He snuck back out through the window, and got into his car.

A little while later, Jason and Luisa were going to have dinner.

“Can you hurry up and grab the soup from the kitchen, Jason?” she demanded. He brought it over, and served each of them a bowl of the poisoned soup. They each picked up their spoons and took a big gulp of the soup.

“Dead,” Kenneth muttered as he watched them eating their lives away.

© Arthur Ajjimanont


BIO: Arthur Ajjimanont’s passion for traveling has motivated him to see almost every corner of the world. While he is exploring the wonders of the world, Arthur documents what he sees onto paper and conveys a better understanding of other cultures through his writing. His adventures outside of the country have opened his eyes to many different perspectives.