It Never Rains in California

In California it usually never rains but nowadays when I wake up thatŐs all I seem to hear. It's not like I check the night before or anything to know what the weather is going to be. Now with this new schedule thatŐs going on I just like to take it day by day. I think to myself that maybe soon I will have that necessity to plan my outfit according to the forecast again. As I go about my day in my pjŐs I notice I actually have time to make my mom and I breakfast and not rush out the door with only perhaps a granola bar and my bottle of water in hand. I can finish my meal and go straight to google classroom instead of rushing to first period. Though my planner has still been of use, I can write my homework and assignments down like I used too. As time goes by I'm able to submit whatever is due and still get to watch an episode or two inbetween with the occasional loading circle. Though these past weeks I find myself enclosed by my bedroom's four walls and I start to reminisce. I remind myself that I am blessed to have good health and that there is food on my table everyday and that I don't have to tolerate that annoying kid in my fifth period anymore. Despite those positive reminders,  something about the other night wasnŐt right. All I could hear when I was trying to go to bed was that exacerbating sound the waterspout made because of the rain. This pounding sound gave fruit to an unbearable headache that with every other second gave way to an aggravating annoyance that infuriated me. This sound was worse than chalk on a blackboard. This abhorrent noise was just the truth of how I was really feeling. My regular routine took a full 360. I no longer needed to make sure my phone was charged or to set an alarm because I didn't need to be anywhere by 7:45am. I no longer double checked my backpack to make sure my homework was in it. I no longer could have that laugh my friend would give me at times when I would see her desperately finish that assignment before she would go to class. I no longer tell my ŇbestiesÓ to meet me at Starbucks on Wednesdays because I canŐt go out. I no longer had my people to meet or places to go. All these plans I was looking forward to: my prom, grad night, getting my yearbook signed by classmates, even possibly graduation were taken from me. My last year as a teen in High School was gone in a moment's notice. 

I no longer get to say ŇpresentÓ or Ňhere.ÓI get to sit in front of my computer, finish my schoolwork and try to find motivation to keep on going.

© Leslie Arenas


Bio:  Leslie is a 12th grader in Cerritos High School. In the transition from 17 to the big 18 becoming a young adult is the next phase they are happy and excited to enter by traveling to different countries and absorbing their rich cultures.