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Eskimo Boy

Bear - Photo

Birchwater - Photo

Moose - Photo

Porcupine - Photo

Seagulls - Photo

Bill Carr

Fire Flower - Painting

The Red and the Black - Painting

Ponce D'Azelle

Birdie of the Light w/in nestled under soft warm layers of mystery from time to time I hear you piercing the wind with your heart - Painting

Francisco Dominguez

Charles Curtis Blackwell and E. W. Wainwright - Hand-Colored Photo

Joe Finkleman

As Seen from Above

Blue Dreams

Blue Meanies

Eve Makes a Wish


S. A. Griffin


Richard T. James

Do All the Good Yoo Can - Paint on Shower Curtain

Nova Albion - Painting

Veronica Jones

Have You Used Your American Girls? - Collage

Bari Kennedy

Exploding Sky - Look she said I can fly out the sky like a god and change forms

like an angel in your dreams and at sunset I lie with you in prayer - Painting


Coyote that Stole Eskimo's Heart

Helene Marguerita

Cantina - Painting

Mike Nettles

The Girl of My Dreams (highest bid so far, $250)

Larry Wells

Tree - Photo

Eskimo Pie Girl

Airforce - Photo

Bird on Car - Photo

Brown Sugar - Photo

Cherub on Gravemarker, Massachusetts - Photo

Desert at Xmas, Arizona - Photo

Eklutna, Alaska - Photo Tryptich

Eskimo Pie Mobile Battles the Mountain, Death Valley - Photo

Eskimo's Burial Plot, Alaska - Photo

Light Hearts, Shoshone, California - Photo

Missile, Palmer, Alaska - Photo

Paycheck Billboard in Detroit, Michigan - Photo

Prince William Sound, Alaska - Photo

Sparky, Vancouver, Canada - Photo

Sunset in Death Valley - Photo

Thoreau's Tombstone, Massachusetts - Photo

Eskimo Pie Girl's Daddy

The Plywood City Built by Eskimo's Brother - Photo

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