Aspen's poems



I ride into the night,
And its darkness surrounds me,
The smokey, smooth sky feels right.
I don't know why that may be,
But nevertheless it fills me with glee.

It sets my young heart aflame,
And shows me how much I have to learn,
And shows me my youth is to blame.
This passion fills my heart with its burn.

To time, my life has been a blink,
To me an eternity.



Looking at the world around me,
What is real, what is fake?
Dreams pour over me like an unending lake.
Who am I, and who could I be?
Who was I, what can I see?

Am I real, or just a dream?
Is life just my mind's frantic scream?
To me life is ever so new,
But ever so old, too.


Elm's poems


You made my heart burn,
It burst into a pile of ash,
For you I used to yearn,
Before my heart went up in a flash.

Your betrayal was a dagger that twists,
Your lies are made of salt,
The pain still persists,
I am left to wonder, is it my fault?

Filled with dreams of a future together,
Now my mind is heavy with regret,
Time has not made me feel any better,
I am lost in a sea of fret.

My tears are rivers,
An eternal current I try to hide,
My heart lies in slivers,
As broken as my pride.



You had me under your spell,
My heart belonged to you,
Every moment without you was a year in a cell,
And now without you I feel blue.

You were so kind to me,
You warmed my heart,
Loving you made me feel free,
But now we are apart.

You disappeared into the ebony night,
Your heart devoid of love for me,
Your heart as cold as the moon was bright,
Your absence stings more than any bee.

You left a letter,
A note that stole back your vow,
Despite your honeyed words my heart is not any better,
My soul still aches for you now.

You found me when I was weak,
My heart was confused,
Loving you was like climbing a peak,
You took me up high and then left me after completing your ruse.

Aspen and Elm

Bio: Aspen and Elm are both headmates who write poems. They have published some of their work on social media such as Animo, Reddit and Google plus (before it was shut down) and other sites. Aspen and Elm can be reached on the email account