Whop your jaw, brah,

cause da tortoise wen catch up wit you.



You taught da buggah

wuz out of da race


but he wen slide by


wen you wuz taking

wun selfie of yourself.



Out of sight

and out of mind


just like he wuz way out deah

on da Galapagos Islands


all by himself


dreaming of pictures

and passages to different oceans.



Looks like he wen evolve

all togettah differently.



So now you stay

all jealous or upset


and like trow rocks at him


but his shell is too hard

and everyting going bounce off.



Funny bunny money

and hogging da limelight and press


no mean nutting

to da patient traveler

wit wun belly plate on his chest.



Blue ribbon is fine wit him

if you share da joy wit da win.



But if you like frown

like wun unhappy clown


and get all negative

and dismissive


den moa bettah yet

whop your jaw, brah!


© Joe Balaz


Bio:  Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands Pidgin (HawaiÕi Creole English) and American English.  He is the author of Pidgin Eyea book of poetry.  The book was featured in 2019 by NBC News for Asian Pacific American

Heritage Month, as one of the best new books to be written by a Pacific Islander.


In July, 2020, he was given the Elliot Cades Award for Literature as an Established Writer. It is the most prestigious literary award given in HawaiÕi.  Balaz presently lives in Cleveland, Ohio.