i got a story
of irony with John Lee...i met him twice , the first
time i was awestruck, and the second time i
was awestruck...but the second time was the last
time he played Sactown before he died...
i had passes but i went with Peppermint Harris,
and we both dressed up in suit and tie,
we hadn't talked about what we'd wear
but i went to pick him up in the Lincoln, 
we took one look at each other and nodded
in a moment of mutual understanding 
that could best and only be described : 'proper'.
as I said, i had comps and i had money, but...
we didn't need no tickets, we jus' walked on in.
it was like the doors opened unsolicited
as the seas of a crowd parted for our security.
i knew it would be a photo op so i picked up
a disposable camera at the corner store
which all they had was an underwater camera
sealed in a thick, pliable plastic, but oh well.
so Pepper and i go back and meet John Lee Hooker's
family, and i got his daughter to take a couple
of shots as i sat with John Lee on my right
and Peppermint Harris on my left, as i 'as proud.
but, ultimately, the camera didn't work and the
pictures didn't turn out...but one sweet memory.