I love you like the august sun

Not really cold for your melting gaze

Not enough warm to combat those chills in my spine every time you touch me

You see the world has started to gather the fallen leaves

And grow roses in their gardens too

August seems confused

Knocking at my door

Demanding answers amidst its heavy rainfalls

Yet shine throughout the day

Asking me if lost lovers ever return 

And i tell it your name

How even though there are  valleys stretching between you and me

You cross them every single time

Build a bridge of lovers' bleeding hearts

And walk on them 

As your feet tremble to the sound of breaking woods behind

You reach my heart every single time

August is rain served on the platter of sun

Asked to dine on clouds

And burp out rainbows

August is you

And i wait  like the december snow

Slowly falling on your skin

And seeping into your pores

Like the silk threads entangled

August enters inside my home

Like an uninvited guest

And we talk about all the strangers 

who once occupied my heart

Like transient july weather 

Leaving all of a sudden in a flash of thunderbolt

We share secrets over a cup of lukewarm coffee

And everytime I take your name 

August shies away

Dropping its gaze

Telling the stories of all those days

When you stood by the window of your home

And closed your eyes

As winds ruffled your hair

And whispered my name

August is leaving now

And so do your memories 

Reeking of nostalgia

Like two sugar cubes in tea

Bidding me goodbye

So the sunshine leaves

Leaving behind my shadow mingling with yours

Which is to say

That everytime I am alone 

I play with the thought of you

Making sparrows with my hands

And letting them taste the freedom 

For in this way

I trap seasons in my hand

Moments in my heart

But your love

Darling, I set it free

But it returns everyday

And sits on my shoulder

Like a newborn butterfly 

Telling me stories of new found world

Which starts with me and ends on you



Who Am I


I am the amalgmation of all the people

Who bade goodbye before beginnings

I am the two ends of horizons never meeting 

Yet waiting for the sun to engulf me whole 

I am the questions seeked through answers 

I walk on circles of life

And end up walking on the straight roads to righteousness 

I am the poltergiest

I am the ghost buster

Yet I roam unknown in the dark alleys of your past 

I knock at the doors of your heart

And I come uninvited like a gush of air through your window

Rattling things like earthquake

I am the terrace of a chipped roof

Allowing every droplet of rain fall on your head

As you run away to find a safe shelter

I am the safe shelter 

Yet every time a storm comes

I become the trees not uprooted 

For I believe in the presence of my strong roots

I grow

I sustain

I survive

So every time you ask me who am I

I smile

And write you a poem

Of all the things that could and couldn't be me

And let you decide finally


Bharti Bansal