Missing You
Lay your head
On the comfortable
Arm of the
Couch and wrap your arms
Around the soft pillow.
Listen to the chime of
The clock
By and by as I
Will be listening to it
Too, yearning for you,
Missing you.

The Road
Take your time, let the sky be blue,
And keep on going
A piece down the road as
There are plenty of exciting
Things to do and see along
The way, so come along, I’m going
Too. I think there is no
Other better direction we can give.

The ’89 Mercury
Power fluid bottle, brake, nickels, dimes
And pennies on the floorboard and empty soda
Cups. The front passenger door won’t
Open and the back left window will
Not roll down. The car drinks gas and
Leaks oil. But the insurance and
Taxes are cheap and the radio still
Plays and the car rides smooth,
Luxury style. But mostly, the ’89 Mercury still
Gets me where I’m going around town.

© Danny P. Barbare 
Bio: Danny P. Barbare resides in The South East of the US. He has been writing poetry for good while. He enjoys mostly writing about nature. His favorite pie is pecan, of which they have several large ones in the yard. And he has a deep Southern accent.