Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (43)


Wardrobe!  Languishingly fingered props.

Expand Camera 3…whining door,

Tar-black gills on overset mushroom,

Frills on Roma Graves unfallen shoulders.

A brushworked skull

Deranges the smalt-and-flock wall.

The self-contradiction of surviving Cupid’s sting

Is woven explicitly

On a bandaged music-box marionette.




Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (44)


A negligéed werewolf wet-shaves;

Crepuscular face louring at window.

Squat lights – hidden – hands to shadows

Overrunning flint stairs…Camera 6 moves.


I’ll dispossess fall-into-line plotting,

Call time

In this strained inference.




Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (45)


A hearing-aid to the subway track…

Blood lunges down a crag.

Cut to…finishing-touch moon…Ali Wrey

Cur-trailed in torchlight.


A grand piano collapses

Jostling silver birch stairs.  Wide-eyed mob’s wheeler

Tremors a stick, slobbers.  Fade out.

Noose-slip into haycart reawakens night.


I verify some foredoomed distortion

And frisk another cigarette.




Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (46)


Wrought, dust-of-ages pram

Teeters under waterfall.

Pan out to…Sammy’s dropped-hem arms

Flung towards Sabrina Roper.

Maiden bullet scuds a tree, repercusses,

Punctures his left eye.

Dishevelled, rigmarolery scripts

Dodge illumination.


The Crew sing ‘Waltzing Matilda’

As Camera 5

Exorcises the ghost

From its machine.




Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scene (47)


In cobwebbed tapestry

A dingy-eyed shadow.

Bevan squeezes for pulse –

Manola’s neck.  Snap dilation

Of scarlet-spittle mouth.

Camera 2 – possessed by a blue-black scarf

Shackling her wrist.  Mortuary lace

From outpouring dress

On polished marble fireplace.


Spirit-raising menace

Insidious in octaves…

Submerged nudges

Images can’t deliver.




© Christopher Barnes, UK


Bio:  In 1998 I won a Northern Arts writers award.  In July 2000 I read at Waterstones bookshop to promote the anthology 'Titles Are Bitches'.  Christmas 2001 I debuted at Newcastle 's famous Morden Tower doing a reading of my poems.  Each year I read for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival and I partake in workshops.  2005 saw the publication of my collection LOVEBITES published by Chanticleer Press, 6/1 Jamaica Mews, Edinburgh.   In 2003 I read at the Edinburgh Festival as a Per Verse poet at LGBT Centre, Broughton St .  I also have a BBC webpage and (if first site does not work click on SECTION 28 on second site.