Forever Green


SheÕs my buddy, the biggest green

Holding all my wishes

up high so the gods can see

dropping limbs to share secrets

From beyond my reach

Comforting all with her warm whispers

No need to search

SheÕs near

Around you always 

ItÕs well known where she stands

She's my biggest buddy, so lush, super green

never cruel nor kind

The guardian of a distant world

The holder of everything

Paths for us all to follow

Yet only a few have seen 

Many donÕt believe in such an existence

Proof is everything

To your naked eye 

You cannot see

Yet stand still or step fast

youÕll feel her reach 


she's a true friend

standing neutral to all

judgement free and embracing

every manÕs flaws 

SheÕs my buddy, giant mass of everlasting green



Heal me


Full of fright

Looking for some light

Hoping love will find me

Searching for honesty

Ask those around me for

Care, appreciation and sincerity

Give me more

Show me more

Give me something

Hold me closely

Give me hope

The light will reach me

Healing my wounds

Revealing the truth

Pain is not the end


© Kenisha Bell


These poems are from Kenisha's book entitled, Wondrous Wonderer