(Photo of Stefanie Bennett)





I clutched the vision

Of the magnolia,

Fine as pollen,

The coloured halo

Of your hair.


Some hearts die young

Without wilt or piety.

These are the ones,

Mater Dulcissima,

I offer you now.


And this you’d known all along.

You took me walking

As a child, and through

Child eyes, you pointed

To The Imera’s silken flowing.


‘Ever young, forever there...’

You said. And as I fingered

Blood oranges

By the seller’s cart

And asked the whereabouts


Of day-stars and hermetic charts,

Your smile fell upon

The Madonie Peaks:

Each answer the same.

                      There was

No failed mystery in your language.


And now I clutch at visions... I’ve work

To do. Sometimes with

Arrows that pierce

Heart and paper. Sometimes with

Rivers seeping, changing course.


But memory, you remind me,

Is landscape enough.

Scars? Mended lines of living.

I raise mid-aged eyes

And the street of clouds


Rests on a field of white magnolias

... Ever there. Your final

Word, Mater Dulcissima.

It must be so!

Fine as pollen, as haloed hair.




TUSK 2    


As darkness fell a woolly Mammoth

Wearing shades,

Walked the length

Of Wall Street

                      Just like

The good old days.


Said the Mayor Apparent,

“It is cryoprotectant


                 That attract



Iguana and

The Arctic


     Agreed –.






If the sky had a voice

I envisage

We’d buckle under

The bent


Exit wounds

Just as

The Willow


In bright water.


© Stephanie Bennett


Bio:  Stefanie Bennett, ex-blues singer/musician, has published several books of poetry, a novel, & a libretto. She has been nominated for Best of the Web and a Pushcart. Of mixed ancestry [Italian/Irish/Paugussett-Shawnee] she was born in Queensland, Australia. Her

latest poetry collection titled, "Blanks From The Other World," is due out late this year.