FOR THE RECORD:  2020    


You’ll understand

that enough

is enough

when the stars

climb down

from the Labarum’s


of change


... leaving

it bare,


like a hole in

the heart

of darkness.






And I will love you because

the world never did.

And I will cloak you in syllables

to keep inquiring eyes at bay.

And I will cover our footprints

so daringly

that no-one will ask

                       ever again

for a sequel to love and loveliness.


And you will love me because

the world never did.

Because the gentleness of fortitude

is a hard act to follow.

And – yes, we will scrape up

our worldly ruins 

to begin building this

                     hectare of the heart

cupped between the planet’s breasts.


Know that the quiet doctrines will be

as fragile

as your face – and

the directions

clear as a single birdcall

across the idioms

of free space.

                     In a land where

no wall stands we will


meet and set our lives to the order

of metaphysical things.

We will love because

the world

                   never did...

and give back

what was

                  never taken

when the time comes.






... It struck me

on a windswept


that ‘thought’


no matter how



could become





© Stefanie Bennett


Bio:  Stefanie Bennett has published 14 volumes of poetry, a chapbook, a libretto & a novel. She has tutored in The Institute of Modern Languages (James Cookn University) & worked with Arts Action For Peace – No Nukes, (now ICAN ) the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize group. Of mixed heritage [Italian/Irish/Paugussett-Shawnee], she was born in Queensland, Australia. Stefanie’s latest poetry title ‘The Volatile Principle’ will appear later this year.