Feel in colour. The destruction of voice

Is mild green – terminable.


Easy on the eyes:  paint ask or lilac

As if they could not see.


Tri-colour the body from the headÕs pivot

To the realm of the drum-rollÕs sad soul


And tread by the throats of flowers.

The scents of morning.  The airÕs


Dominion.  Feel.  Feel in colour!  Where

The black hatband


Has nowhere to rest . . . and the white glove

Claps farewell.






IÕve played down my stock of years

And kept the improvisation

For myself:


I designed the first heresiarch.


Mother to stone, feathering atmospheres,

My children hung as pendants,

The genetics of all.


I merged the statutes, glowingly.


The Muse had something to do with it.

The torch-swallower.  The giantess

Of ÔOÕ and the gale that followed.


The tongue? It wonÕt cease there.




WIND SONG        


                  ÔDeath arrives among all that sound

                   like a shoe with no foot in it,

                   like a suit with no-one in it . . .'

                                                    (Pablo Neruda)


Forget me. Place me upon

Your unwanted list.

Tell your friends,

Tell your family,

This stranger was

No more than fiction.

Forget me.  My words set

Your head aching,

Your body

A testimony

Of too much ruin,

Your trust

Fit only for the breaking.


Go now!  Speak with authority

And confidence

On how to escape

The twin-selves:

Take loveÕs

Grey ashes

And bury them deep.

Laugh again – even

If the laughterÕs shallow.

Buy back

Your spirit . . . it

Will be cold.  Put on

A warm front.


This is what you wanted?  Your ghost

Has slipped within

The key-boards

Of memory:

ThereÕs just an odd chord

YouÕll hear

Occasionally.  Ignore It!

Forget me.  Forget yourself . . .

The shutters

Go on creaking.  The new

Moon is ablaze.

The night lawn

Is silver.


Inside the room

The lamp is raining.


© Stefanie Bennett


Stefanie Bennett has published over a dozen books of poetry, a novel

& a libretto – worked with [No Nukes] Arts Action For Peace, & Equality

for LGBTI. Of mixed ancestry (Italian/Irish/Paugussett-Shawnee) she

was born in Queensland, Australia.