The Davis Cemetery Labyrinth
With each measured pace
     I dig deeper within.
Dense foliage beneath my feet:
Leaves, light, twigs, and earth
      Conspire to confound.
Shadow knowledge revealed
Shadow knowledge obscured.
Light, perpetual.
Old growth redwoods create and sustain
       entire new ecosystems.
I want to believe.
I want to believe
that getting to my soul’s core
       Is as natural as putting one foot ahead of the other,
I want to believe
that getting to my soul’s truth is as easy
 as breathing into the maze of my Center.
The amaze of my Center.
My heart pumps without a command.
My digestive tract processes food without a passing thought.
My skin knows how to heal.
Days pass like a shadow.
I want to believe.
I want to believe
I can be an ecosystem unto myself.
I want to believe
I have the sustenance to be whole, purely myself,
And knowing my life path,
        merge completely with the Tree of Life within,
        and the River of my Already.
I want to
Rest in peace, but do so while I live.
(November 20, 2005)
The House Between D and E Streets
If the colorful chalk greeting on the sidewalk didn’t announce it,
       the shoes she was wearing sure did:
       All are welcome!  Creative energy unfurls!
The shoes:  brightly painted contrasting prints and solids
                    match or don’t
                    the toe area featuring
        a southwestern sky at sunset.
                    Turquoise shoelaces to boot!
Turquoise shoelaces that could as likely
          be found on the warp or weft of masks
          part woven, part painted.
It’s the juxtaposition everywhere of Nature’s bounty
Re-contextualized as visual masterpieces:
                  Cut stones and tiles here,
                  Wire sculpted creations there.
                   Brightly colored abstract oil paintings that set free
                   The viewer’s imagination.
It’s a child’s paradise created by adults
Who unleash the artist’s way,
Creating the world anew,
One artstroke at a time.
 (March 19, 2006)
© Lisa Bertaccini