Fifteen Haiku


* * *


today's assignment:

propose a compromise and

see if it's working


* * *


a thousand million

stars above us; October

sky shines in your eyes


* * *


cheese grater strokes

my ribs bloodied chips fall

to the bony ground


* * *


Saturday night show

afterwards, punks spill out of

the grimy red door


* * *


cigarette's glow glints

warm gold of my ring

reflects orange



* * *


salted almonds burn

your eyes flare with anger

spill softalmond tears


* * *


he pulls their wings

dead flies flung

onto junk pile


* * *


one drop of honey

on the tongue

dust of heather

bite of winter gold


* * *


under our favorite

tree, you've touched me again

my body shivers


* * *


old girlfriend texts me

for relationship advice

challenge accepted


* * *


look up that hill

your lover awaits you



* * *


gun clatters on stone

tossed from a window above

in the tenement


* * *


burn me with your eyes

summer heat melts resistance

into willpuddles


* * *


dusk in the city

the sun sets deep in your eyes

autumn leaves fall slow


* * *


do what you're good at

they say: can't make a living

from sex and poems


Robert Beveridge


Bio:  He makes noise ( and writes poetry in Akron, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in Collective Unrest, Cough Syrup, and Blood & Bourbon, among others.