rainy season:

June showers lead to swampy mist.

geese, annoyed, take flight


* * *


summer grave settles

with the weight of autumn's

first snowfall


* * *


deep-fried turkey

meets knife: autumn 

leaves crackle 


* * *


ant struggles with

appleseed, carries

it up a hillside


* * *


corona shifts

haze of snow reveals, obscures

January moon


* * *


morning on the wing

bars over plexiglass can't

stop the sound of rain


* * *











* * *


two poets sit

on the porch, watch

snow fall, silent.


* * *


council chamber sits,

awaits convention. Accused

in his cell, eyes closed.


* * *


wheelchair strikes out

hits its rider back

Independence Day


* * *


slight twist in the reed

compromised breathing

hunter breaks surface


* * *


Canadian geese

in sudden March blizzard

line up, practice launch


* * *


iced-over tree branch

buffeted by winter wind

cannot bend, thus snaps


* * *


cat's head stuck

in the waterglass

she wanted mine


* * * 


tiger lies in wait,

stalks prey: dead jeep continues

motionless, forlorn.


Robert Beveridge


Bio:  Robert Beveridge makes noise (xterminal.bandcamp.com) and writes poetry in Akron, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in In Parentheses, Grand Little Things, and Northern Appalachia Review, among others.