Mountain Climber: 


Amidst the snow capped peaks

Was a snow leopard

Ambling across the sloping hills

Bearing the biting cold wind


Its spotted yellow-gray coat

Was frosted with specks of snow

Its eyes, hued with blue and gray

Paired with the chilling landscape


It deftly scaled

The uneven terrain

Leaving fresh footprints 

In the powder-like snow


Gently holding its fur-lined tail

Between its jaws 

Barring itself from a flurry of snow

And the perils of the bleak winter


Summer Treat:


The japanese beetle

Crawled across the edge 

Of a fig tree leaf


It hovered around

Whirring about

Waiting to taste

The sweet white flesh 

Of the fresh fruit


Pickle Jar:


The chili pickle sitting on the shelf was as red as fire

Its sharp smell and fiery taste seemed to have grown after sitting untouched for several months

As I closed the refrigerator door the shelf fell crushing the jar and releasing the smoky smell of roasted chilies

I am sorry, as it was my mistake nevertheless, the pickle which burned my tongue and hurt my stomach was finally thrown away


© Susmita Bhat


Bio: Susmita Bhat spends her weekends raking horse manure. To clarify, she enjoys working with patients and horses at an equine-assisted therapy center. While she isnŐt cleaning up horse stables, she often can be found reading mystery novels, bullet journaling, and biking.