The Mortality Of Men


Love upon a mountain top 

and down into the bay

All the way from ocean drops      

to light in morning day


Love where wind is swept   

where tyrants have their hold  

but still my promise kept 

love till time grow old


You left me all alone

Just me and none of you              

Chilled me to the bone 

my heart was broke in two


You are my one and only

No one else is left 

when the wind cries that itŐs lonely   

my heart you still have theft 


I will love thee in the morning light 

until the day is set

and then again when moon shine bright 

I walk the place we met 


In the light of half-blood moon

I see you once again 

for I have lost you far too soon 

to the mortality of men


© Rhiannon Bird


Bio: Rhiannon Bird is a young aspiring author. She has a passion for words and storytelling. Rhiannon has her own quotes blog: Thoughts of a Writer. She has had a short story published on short breakfiction.  Visit her website at: