San Francisco mist

Swallowing purple moon mist fungus caps/magenta pulsing inside my throat as  setting fire over Pacific coast/ exchanging fortunate dollar bills for stories/give anything for a good story

The man

Mushroom cap trampoline rifle cannon tongue muffled from 1 1/4 inch joker squares fading into Ocean Beach walk ways

Likes watching the young float he says/see how long it takes for them to realize they always been touching skies/Haight Street done changed he says/all the real lovers sleep on the other side of the moon now 

Stomach gargles blossom bird of paradise city under foot

My hands name themselves kaleidoscope weavers/humming tragic bliss folk songs/twisting tambourines echo barrel shots in the Grateful Dead parade dancing on my palms/playing 1/8 whole notes on nob hill iron cast fences

A song called walking song

San Francisco city forty seven square miles undress/touch herself each time she feels pupils bloom/Jezebel/golden laced sand woman/slashing beauty into her own flesh/black shadow sacrifice to the east bay/moaning Fillmore harmonic blues

Pearls of blood and sweat holding my face together/this is all illusion

Parents melting into children/Castro women castrating their own mother's nipples with viper's teeth/textile skin flaked gold/greys/blacks/pumping through her pores/Ashbury dream dissolving into red lip plastered arches

It is all color held to shape now/fingers palms sprout serpentÕs mouths unhinging to swallow the golden gate and four Arizona ice teas whole 

Never asking for directions/no one knows this city better than your two feet/walking song sing/throat gash snake yell

Mystic sail surfers dancing shirtless through the Mission District/prophets and sinners dressed in the same skin casting bluish red into wind/chest devouring the ocean whole like pinner joints on the side walk engulfing Delores Park

Say the streets done changed/all the real lovers know the woman underneath the mask

Mermaids dressed as gentrifications forgotten remains strangling poppy fields and father figures into their veins like a lonely Tenderloin night 

City under foot/wet toes hanging off a Buena Vista park bench/the bay under water this morning/hands singing their favorite song/kaleidoscope lacing the horizon


Crushed powder smile


That man chest hurt/that man say he need a valley filled/even the silence has weight on these walls/injecting jagged echo moans/torch flame crackle the night color burning his flesh/motherÕs ghost hands snapping needle point bridges cradled by a  charred city built on the wings of half strangled angels

Even the dead have weight on these walls/shattered ivory stained rib cage quiver tri tone symphonies/tomorrow a rifle fisted child born sun rise fade into set rise fade into night

That man flesh boils and a wind come round/dopamine cherubs crawling through his arteries/every numb lover trigger twitch/drug gallon guzzle pain quench a fire

That man say he need/finger nails granite dynamite syringes/heroin balloons exploding angel feather fireworks/flickering street light messiahs preach with knuckles crumbling on the tip of their tongue

(it is a sin to let cocaine go to waste/where else shall we go but to the lord?)

Back flip harmony villain massacre/dry bottle bottoms/fascist coyote incisor teeth trophy lick wounds/vodka vomit spit chain smoke pearl wedding dress

The night so black the stars weigh him down


Not sure if it's today or tomorrow morning/it really doesn't mean much/these days Oxycodone sooth feet/closed eyes tickle cheek bones first half smile since last dose

That boyÕs sunset dancer/got a trick in his smile/says I can't figure him out/told me them feet was never yours to begin with, hand those over/them hips, they just star dust after all/hold heart on chest broken down beat xylophone 

That boy's lips anvils over eye lids/not sure if it's morning or night/just know he's the only one that quiets fire, that soothes feet, only one to call me his beautiful girl, dancer/pirouetting the surface of the sun palm to mouth/swaying flame blue ocean forever found  

It really doesn't mean much these days/I'll do anything to make his toes tap

Anything to feel that crushed powder smile


All tomorrowÕs parties


Our man is a great man/sexy man/the best bud you can find

Our man is a wild man/juggles babies for a living/works on his own schedule, only comes when he wants to come, where he wants to come

Wednesday night 10 pm(ish)

(He's never early, he's always late)

Apartment 2 C above Larry's on High Street

Palms tilted star bound white eyes begging/dispersing reasons to share our nights together in premeasured 25, 50 and 100 bags/inhaling Thursday morning and the only secrets middle class children with heavy pockets have to share/valleys chock-full sweet combustion/ rooms built for half as many screwdrivers settling in the smaller intestine/back stumbling through the Durbin smoke/our flesh soaking in what we have exhaled from our lungs/ember tip words and the softest rhythm/swaying hands finding others to touch ocean wave motion/breathing out tidal waves and the very winds that cradle the curve of our flesh

We do all this to make our man smile/he's got a thing/for watching us sky dance/for bringing us together


Dancing on the wind armor plated/glazed stares into shimmering night walkers dotting High Street/it is the time of gladiator cannon fists/boys trapped in menÕs bodies shout half words/suffocating sentences with PBR scarlet stain lips/navigating Clintonville coliseum alley ways/abandoning four letters as our self-given name/we feel the same trebles of fear in this song, at least we have each other to sing for/chipped water pipes packed with gun powder exhaling grey reverb stories we never pronounce sober/defeated staggers our only monument/bic lighters flickering distress signals over the Olentangy/eastern sky accelerando You Black Emperor/half climbing graffiti pierced tombstones of greater ones/inhaling moons swollen fisted and brave/howling panthers in the middle of the night/strings attached to our throats/singing all our pretty songs together

Whatever days may come shall we share them naked tonged

The stars/reaching beyond our masks/taking back what they have left us as




She say what she mean to say/walk her words/syllables sway with every hip curve honey glance punctuation/confused cadence syncopated in her steps/whispering magenta mountain sun set radiance/ stride blue and red notes over midnight/pulling tightened bass strings like men off her skin/feet sole apostrophe/bass boom/every step/bass boom earthquake /arms holding her hips comma holding her arms/moan in every sway

Only pauses/never stops/never stops



You've got eyes/they haven't left you yet/watching your own bones rattle tick tocks/leaving you where you are/paradise falling from your lips/praying in between death's down beats you warm wind holder

You've got eyes/same eyes conquered Virginia white lightning bolts/hollers and valley side avalanche/sand paper hands pulling your powder keg knees through the rubble/lonesome survivorÕs stories tangled on the tip of your tongue

Same eyes that watch switch blades unhinged jaws blow seasons against your neck/Daddy handing off moon shine tick tock batons/fingertips sky tremor/them nerves never too easy/Whitetop Mountain lacing your skin to the crevice of recliners like spider's silk

Wind rattle skeleton time bombs


Grasping                                                    Holding

Crimson stained nails cross stitching daggers to her esophagus/quiver child/a ghost done shown his face/it has been years since you've seen him/it must be my eyes/say they taste like walls squeezing in on her chest

no                                                                  no

hurling fermented fruit at the air trapped in her throat/that man's backwards stride casting pitch fork shadows over our mattress/her face holding as if I have abandoned her when we kiss/her father packing suit cases in my pupils reflection


Put those bones away/they were just tools to begin with/fist muscle pound stronger with every battle wound cremation

Beautiful woman

There is so much depth in your chest/an ocean expanding rib cage/tomorrowÕs stars held on your tongue/swallow all which has already scared you/donÕt let those bones speak on your skin any more

You've got lips to speak your name/say what you mean to say

Walk your words


© Jordan Boyd