The Bunking Off Ode


There is ice on the roads, leaves on the tracks.

Your puppyÕs sick, sadly you have jury duty.

Claim you have a cold, the flu, bubonic plague.

Call in sick on Tuesday, cut classes on Humpday.


TodayÕs a day for mooching around bookshops,

 For loafing in the park, for pints before midday,

For matinee screenings with popcorn for lunch.

For seven o clock picnics of burritos and beer.


Maybe youÕd prefer to spend the day in the flat.

We could cook a one-pan Enchilada Pasta dish,

while streaming Cohen and Newsom on Spotify

or we could binge-watch a BBC sci fi miniseries.


Either way take a day to savour time unmortgaged.

Turn off your phone, set an out of office notice.

Forget about the fact that your project is almost due

and free yourself form the demands of employers.


© Enda Boyle


Bio:  Enda Boyle was Born in County Derry in 1994. He was Educated at The Univerity of Ulster and QueenÕs University Belfast. Previous work has appeared in Blowing Razzberries, Dodging The Rain and A New Ulster.