The Never-Ending Summer City


It was a never-ending summer city. The kind of summer that one dreams about when it is dark and rainy outside.


The summer city was airy, though. A soft fine breeze always blew from the sea. Its beaches had powdered white sand and perfect waves to be surfed on.


Beautiful city with beautiful suntanned citizens wandering on the streets. No cars or people’s noises. Noises would spoil the scenery.


Colourful three-floor buildings with even more colourful flower gardens spread along the promenade.


Dogs were allowed everywhere while children were limited to few specific spots. Just perfect.


The everyday sun was taken for granted from the never-ending summer city’s citizens, a city where nobody has ever left.


© Cristina Bresser


Bio:  I am Brazilian, fluent in English and Spanish. I graduated from the Universidade Federal do Parana in Graphic Design. I have published two books, both in Portuguese: "Torre de Papel" (Paper Tower) in 2015 - a short story anthology with other authors; and a novel, “Quase tudo é risível” (Almost Everything is Laughable) in Nov 2016. I studied Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh in 2016. I have some short stories and poems published in English by American, British, Greek and Indian literary magazines such as Northern Light, 121 Words, Ariel Chart, Wanton Fuckery Poetry, A New Ulster, The Silver Streams, Bashabandhan Literary Review, The University of Edinburgh Journal, Flight Writing, The Runt Zine, Dodging The Rain.

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