Memories of a Girl on a Swing

Feet straight out

Toes pointed to the sun

Cool air in my face


I donÕt need to make my face smile

Like when mommy tells me to keep my chin up

Because daddy will be back soon


My eyes get smaller because my smileÕs so big

All on its own

When IÕm on my swing


Pumping my feet back

My stomach pushes up a giggle

Grandma says my little laughs are the cutest

Things sheÕs ever heard

And she misses them now


I need to hold onto the ropes tightly

Daddy told me that before he left

To get a few things from the store


I look up at the branch being strong

Enough to hold me up

Wondering when it will break

I wish my smile would stay longer

But when the wind brushes against my face

It comes back


I hope I grow up to be strong

Mommy says pretty is boring

I donÕt want to be boring

My mommy is pretty

Maybe thatÕs why daddy didnÕt come home

From the store


I donÕt want to get off this swing

Daddy made it right before he left

It feels like heÕs here

Watching me smile

Clapping his hands

As I go higher

ÒThatÕs my girlÓ

ÒYouÕve got it nowÓ

ÒYou make me proudÓ


Is he proud of me now?


Mommy says itÕs getting late

The sun is going down

It no longer shines on my face

Tired legs

Eager mind

I donÕt want to stop

Daddy might miss my smile

When he comes home


IÕve lived several lives

But the memory of the girl on the swing

Is all I recall from that one

So long ago

ItÕs still vivid

I wonder if her daddy ever came home


© Angie Brocker


Biography:  Angie Brocker is married with four grown children.  She has a BA in English Literature and recently wrote her first novel.  In her spare time, she is a paranormal investigator and enjoys family game night.