Correct me if IÕm wrong


You canÕt claim all the good which exists inside me and none of the bad

IÕm a total package

Although my heart locked you away years ago, somehow you still claim a few beats per day

Quiet tears drip like a leaking faucet keeping me awake at night

Unfortunately you still affect me

ItÕs difficult to realize a dream when all my nightmares cast dark shadows everywhere

Blurring even the most beautiful images


My passive aggressive tone spews words to guard my heart and verbally tear through yours

A beautiful life should contain beautiful memories of you

But loneliness screams in my ears

Twisting thoughts into raging banshees

Who hold my hand, leading me down narrow hallways to rooms

And every one of them is empty

Void of souls who care I am searching


A hug from a friend feels too much like pity

They must be able to tell that IÕm empty inside

When their arms are around me

I simply have nothing to give back

Eventually they leave, feeling unfulfilled

Maybe IÕm grateful

IÕm definitely relieved


Crying is utterly ridiculous

Because you canÕt see the tears fall

Or hear my faltering breath

I feel like a fool soaking my pillowcase

So correct me if IÕm wrong, but wasting emotions on myself

Only makes me feel exhausted

And IÕm just so tired of that


© Angie Brocker