Three Modern Haikus

A cat is moulting
A flurried rain of pet hair
Which coats the laundry
A darting moped
Unhelmeted riders
With cut-off sleeves
I drink my coffee
With cinnamon and spices
But without sugar.

© Rebecca L. Brown 
About The Author: Rebecca L. Brown (25) is a British writer currently based in Cardiff, South Wales where she lives with her partner and assorted menagerie. She has recently returned to writing medium-length, short and flash fiction pieces (including micro-fiction), after a short break which felt considerably longer than it was. Rebecca specialises in horror, SF, humour, surreal and experimental fiction, although her writing often wanders off into other genres and gets horribly lost. Updates and examples of Rebecca’s work can be found on her Twitter page @rlbrownwriter and at her blog Bewildering Circumstances (available at