(photo of Maurice Burns III)



Unfortunate Truths


I’d do anything for you.

That’s what you said,



Now the leaves fall,

gently floating,

slowly sinking,



“Funny how you try

to see through

something so opaque,”

you say with a smile

you don’t mean.


“There’s only one thing

I have left to say,”

you proclaim.


But I turn

and walk away

before you can tell me

what I already know.


The piercing sting

still pains

through words left unspoken.

We were the worst cliché,

like life’s a bitch.


Yet you shout my name to tell me

I have a tiny penis,


when erect.




© Maurice Burns III


Bio:  Maurice Burns III is a freelance writer and poet currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a film enthusiast and currently working on his B.A. in Film Directing. You can read film reviews and other works of his at anotherwaytokilltime.tumblr.com.