Stop Free Wake upÉ wake up.  I am not asleep anymore counting the innumerable


signs of endless grief,


gaping hills soaring to the bottom,


and green escapes going through infinite lights.   I am a moment and a breath taken away only to be held onto as tight as misfortune.  This moment I am intrigued by all of the falling stars hitting the earth as debris would.
 I am not anticipating the next page already knowing it was ripped out of my eternity.
 The eternity that looks for more of a steady pace.
 The counting and remembering that only holds time. 
I am every kamikaze fire bird


that bolts head first into the earth


but returns ascending


reaching that indigo extension like a boomerang.
 Boundless dreaming turns into something impossible.
 I am, stop free, my eyes are open.



© Joshua Burton