A Sonnet of Scribbles


A love letter written for thee

Whistling rhythms

From a yearning soul

Vibrations humming

Youthful, tender melodies

From a longing heart

Thou hast indubitably stole


Scribbling letters as they throb

Thumping one beat at a time

Doodles my heart scrambles to draw

Sketching a heavenly chime


A sonnet of scribbles

From a trembling hand

As it wiggles and wobbles

Each verse and quatrain


Adoration stringing the violin

Love sounding the trumpets

Composer of majestic music within

As chariots are transmitting angelic secrets


The orchestra of my hearts chorus

Inward depths singing

Each note and toneÕs lyrics

A soulÕs harmonious solo chirping

The choir of the heart

Singing the symphony

A sonnet of scribbles for oneÕs sweetheart



Kingdom of Eternity


Fear gave birth to conflict

On that awful night

The soul began to tremble

As anxiety took its flight


Reason, said IÕll help you

We can think this through

But then, necessity came knocking

Flourishing as it grew


Obligation then came banging

Seeking payment and her debt

As Shame stood outside

Awaiting to come in next


Confrontation, then arose

From the pile-up outside

Causing a huge collision,

A chaotic accident inside


Confusion then took over

As the man in charge

Obscuring all her vision

Of the scene at large


She found a secret ally

She found a secret friend

A supporter, she called faith

Who gave her confidence to spend


Faith told her a secret

That she wasnÕt able to repeat

Faith told her Fear was removed

And was thrown to defeat


Faith was very brave

A warrior to say the least

She removed the soulÕs enemies

And conquered raging beasts


Faith inspired her

To take a step she couldnÕt see

As she walked into a kingdom

That she called Eternity



Garden of Growth


Once upon a time

There was a voice that was un-heard

It echoed as it lingered

But always came out blurred


The voice began to grow

As it raised its deep voice

Sprouting seeds of words

That fell in cracks between the noise


It matured over time

Planting a harvest, upon completion

A harvest of words with meaning

Symbols to the garden


Signs, like icons leading the way

To the crops of knowledge

Yielding much wisdom

To collect upon the way


The voice issued warnings

Heard, but not understood

It said not to look back

But to feast until adulthood


Growing bigger on the trip

Advancing, many years

Continued feasting on the words

And fighting through many fears


The voice never left

Even though it was silent

Secretly, watching the boy grow

Like a concerned parent


The boy felt alone

Especially when voice was absent

The boy was being tested

Until he became pregnant


The boy became a man

Who later conceived

After laboring through the crops

Strong faith, he later received


Once the boy gave birth

To the faith that he gained

The beasts returned to the earth

And only, a saint remained



Vexing Labor


Tediously toiling

Unwittingly enslaved

As the tyrannically decree

Is endlessly engraved


Sleep-swollen eyes, shutting uncontrollably

Staggering stance only to stumble

Unceasingly weary

Dissolving to powder of crumbles


Heavy-laden, bottomless weight

Wobbling to drudgingly endure

Loathe and detest perpetuate

Bleakness and dreariness mature


Idle and lethargic exterior crust

Scruffy and disheveled

Plagued by unyielding locusts

Devoured, as they nibble and gobble


Extracting each and every drop

Disintegrating into morsels

Stitched to this coffin-like box

Slogging soul squirms and wiggles


Minimized to tidbits dissolving

Pecked away unceasingly

Painstakingly gloomy

Reduced to vapor as melting


Shackled to this hollow-chest

Polished tint and glossily sealed

Contemplative thoughts are caressed

Evolving upward until resolved and revealed




Star-Spangled Superstition


Bewilderingly mystified gazing upon the clock

Watching the second hand rotate

As I hear, ÒTick tockÓ

Anticipating the impending fate

Pursuing a twist as I leisurely wait

For a stroke of luck to somehow resonate


A shooting star tumbling

Amongst the glowing, moon-lit sky

Rays of blessings stumbling

Gold beams of treasure in disguise


A glowing aura as the force settles

Vibrations easily felt

As the night skyÕs stars swiftly scribble

Across the blushing sky they dwelt


Thirsty as I submit my craving plea

Scrambling as I yearn before thee

Arguing my earnest heart-felt requests

Humble prayers as wishes IÕm supplicating

As my trembling soul,

 My witness gracefully attests


Upon my knees as I petition the hand of time

Summoning supernatural forces

Demanding lifeÕs moments to rewind

As these relentless misfortunes and troubles arenÕt mine

Transform these sufferings

My unjust life and destiny, demanding a re-write

Pleading as I wish upon a star

Erase these problems and re-compose my memoir


© Katrenia M. Busch


Bio:  Katrenia Busch from Bay City, MI, is a published poet and mother of two. You can see some of her poems in the screech owl, literature today, Riverrun, Literary yard or Super poetry-highway. She has published on psychoanalysis and spends time as a Òpeer reviewerÓ for journals associated with the APA on psychological studies and research. She has an established background in healthcare and law enforcement and has published articles on leadership and the healthcare system.