Fishing expedition


You toss bait with hard looks

I shy away from

but heart-hooked

I squirm on their serrated edges.



Blue eyes


The pool shimmers in cool blues

 inviting me in.


I plunge off the deep end.

Groundless, I push through soft waters


that yield to envelop me

parting as I push forward


only to merge and close behind me.

A strong thrust upward and I break surface


gasping for breath, barely reaching

pool side to hang on to.



San Francisco, morning fog


The city floats, a wash of grays

bay waters and sky that merge

in a monochromatic haze.


Fog nibbles at roof tops and angled corners that fray

the mist snaking in slow-motion

through the floating city, awash in grays.


Fog  glides, catches sudden errant rays

of light that gleam then fade

into a monochromatic haze.


A momentary breach, and cloud gives way

to blues that puddle the sky above

the city floating, below, in a wash of grays.


A swath of clear sky breaks through as day

drifts in slow motion to late morning

above the melting  haze


a summer sky burns the lingering glaze

of mist that curls and smokes and fades

above the city, awash in grays

that pale in a thinning haze.



Janet Butler


Janet Butler teaches Test Prep in San Francisco and lives in Alameda with Fulmi, a lovely Spaniel mix she rescued in Italy, where she lived for many years, and brought back with her.   Some current or forthcoming publications are Pirene's Fountain, The Chaffey Review, The Rampallian, North Chicago Review, Miller's Pond, Poetalk, and Ascent Aspirations. "Searching for Eden" was published by Finishing Line Press in January, 2012.  "Upheaval" was one of three winning selections in Red Ochre Lit's 2012 Chapbook Contest.  One of her drawings was chosen as cover art for the Winter, 2013 issue of Poetalk, the poetry journal of the Berkeley Bay Area Poets' Coalition.  Watercolors & Poetry: