Goodbye New Friend

"Throw it harder, Brandon,” Suzie said as she sat on the rock beside him. “This is our last rock and Momma wants us to come home before dinner.”

“I’m trying. We could’ve had more rocks but you wasted them all trying to hit the ducks.”

She stuck her tongue out and mocked him, “Momma says that I can do whatever I want. You aren’t the boss of me.”

He stared at the glistening water and concentrated, took his hand out, and flung his arm. The rock had gone further than expected, and disappeared far from their sight.

“Ha ha,” he teased. “I did better than you.”

“That’s not fair, that rock was better than the ones I had,” she whined.

As they turned around to head home, they suddenly heard a pitter patter sound coming from the lake. When they looked at the water again, they noticed the rock they had just thrown was back. It lay on the shore.

Brandon stared at the rock. ”I thought I threw you.”

Two legs, eyes, and a smile came out from the rock. Brandon gasped and dropped it that instant. His sister was in hysteria, screaming at that high-pitched tone. The rock started walking towards them.

“Get that monster away from me,” she cried, as she hid, cowering in fear, behind her older brother.

The rock moved its tiny arms in a waving motion.

“Wait, I think he wants to be our friend.” He walked closer.

“I don’t think it’s safe,” she said, grasping his arm tightly.

Brandon came to pick it up and held it in the palm of his hands, “See, he’s no trouble.”

The rock smiled and started waving around his little arms and legs.

Realizing that the rock was friendly, she smiled back at it. “What is he doing?”

“I think he’s dancing.”

“Maybe that’s how they say hello to each other.”

“He needs a name.”

“How about Rocky?”

“Nah” they both said in unison.

He suggested, “I think Bob is a cool name. Bob Rock, yeah,” he said while smiling at his own idea.

“Ok, Mr. Bob,” she said as she scooped him up from Brandon’s hand, “I think we should take you home with us.”

            “Wait, he might have a family.”

            “Well, wouldn’t he be with his mom and dad right now?”

            “I don’t know, but what I do know, is that he probably didn’t come to our planet alone. We should leave him here.”

            “But I want to keep him!”  She stomped her foot and crossed her arms.

            “Think about his mom. She might be waiting at their own home for him.”

            “Well, we found him, so he’s ours!”

            “How would you feel if someone took us away from mom and dad.”

            She stood there in silence.

            “See, if we keep him he’ll never get to see the rest of his family ever again. Let’s put him back where we found him.” He tried to take Bob from her hand.

            “No!” she cried even louder. “Don’t take Mr. Bob away from me!”

            “Give him to me or I’m going to tell mom what you did to her missing glass vase.”

            After a long pause, she gave in. “Fine,” she sighed, handing Bob back.

            “See you later,” Brandon said as he laid his new friend on the sand.

            “Wait, how about we see him every day. At this time. After school we can run over here and play with him until Mom calls us back for dinner.”

            “Okay, maybe.”

            “No maybe,” she scolded. “We will come and see him every day. We can even bring Mom over here to meet him.”

            “No, Mom might take him and his family away from us. We must keep this a secret.”

            “Fine, it’ll be our little secret. Don’t go off telling your friends Rick and Steve.”

            He scoffed, “Do you know what they’ll do to him if I tell them? Of course not.”

            Tears started to stream down Suzie’s face.

            “Don’t worry Suzie, we’ll see him again tomorrow.”

            She nodded and waved at Bob. “Bye Mr. Bob, tell your mom and dad I said hello.”

            Brandon knelt and shook hands with him, “It was nice meeting you. Take care of your mom and dad.”

            The little gray rock did a small goodbye dance and slowly walked back into the water.  

            “The sun is getting real low. I think Momma is going to be mad,” she said.

            They both ran home and kept the secret with them for the rest of their lives.

© Samuel Chanmany

Bio:  Samuel Chanmany self-indulges in unlimited imagination with his trusted pencil or brush. From bringing drawings to life, to a self portrait with a animated donut, he creates a world in which all are welcomed to join it. In his reality, it is so often that he loses himself with brush strokes that create hues of strangeness and beauty which alternately paints him flying with cats on a canvas.