A Mindless Grain of Sand

My job is stressful, I work in aviation.

There is no infrastructure.

Well, actually, I am that infrastructure.

For lucidity and sanity, I took a weekend vacation.

Where water meets the land,

I spread my towel on the strand.

As I listened to waves lapping, I came to a decision:

I was nothing but a mindless grain of sand.

(At least for right now.)

Technology, sophistication, responsibility,

All the likes vanished completely,


Nothing mattered at all.

I was nothing but a mindless grain of sand.

I lay with eyes closed, hair billowing in the water

No worries, no particular plans.

One of the perky benefits

Of being nothing but a mindless grain of sand.

I peeped out of one eye,

Saw an airplane in the sky.

“Don’t worry about me, you carry on as best you can.

I’m not controlling traffic.

I’m naught but a mindless grain of sand.”

Hours later, seagulls circled above me,

And one settled down on the shore to bathe.

I was civil and asked him how his day was,

And I told him all about mine.

I thought I was just talking to myself,

Expecting no dialogue, no chat.

But he flapped his wings, and croaked, “That’s interesting.”

And it happened just like that.

Surprisingly not surprised, I commented, "So you can talk.

Well, isn’t that just grand.”

He explained, “It’s easy to deal with something no more complex

Than a mindless grain of sand.”

I asked him, “If there’s no one around to see me age,

Will I still grow old?”

He continued his bath, I went on with reverie.

He washed his feathers, I cleansed my soul.

“Where you off to now?” I asked my new friend.

“To eat dinner and get ready for this day to end.”

My other friends came to collect me,

And they didn’t understand,

That today I was nothing but a mindless grain of sand.

© Anna Chan 

BIo:  You can visit the author at her website www.writerannachan.org or on her writer's page on Writer's Network.