1.     Persiflage


                                          Racks were staring at me


                                          Watching nervous from a distance 

                                          books, fat thin tall short

                                          shot glasses tall short thin fat

                                          started grimacing.  

                                          The small, metal cannon fired.



                                          Watched from immeasurable distance 

                                          My mind, desert - big endless sands of desert

                                          color of the racks in the corner. 





                                          2.  Blackholes  Sand


                                          Sunshine means nothing but 

                                          cactus; and

                                          cactus is nothing but


                                          Cactus means nothing but

                                          sand;  white and yellow. 

                                          White yellow green blue red  

                                          and black. 

                                          The colour changes 

                                          when earth walks on it

                                          when time goes on a camel ride

                                          on sand.   



                                          Sand is nothing but 


                                          and mind game. 

                                          White yellow green blue red

                                          and black 

                                          when time is on a camel ride.  



                                           And mind is a blackhole 

                                           Sucks sunshine and the cactus 

                                           white and yellow 

                                           sucks the sand

                                           green blue red and black.   



                                           The wiser says 

                                           blackholes are not enough

                                           blackholes are not omnivorous 



                                           Mind sucks blackholes

                                           Time sand and the cactus 

                                           watch in silence. 




Aneek Chatterjee


Bio:  Aneek Chatterjee is an Indian college teacher, writer and poet. He lives in Kolkata. Poetry is his passion.