A Glowing Light

A star is born far from the rest.
Its light shines profusely,
untouched by surrounding galaxies
yet sharing the same dream with them.

The star begins to grow older
ignorant of its own changes.
Others gravitate forward
curious about this bright, glowing youth.

Scattered dust turns into planets
and the star gains a massive following.
It remains unbothered by the meteorites
attempting to ruin the solar system.

Time passes by before it feels fatigued.
The light that once shone so bright
slowly retracts back to its owner.
The star finally sees its reality.

Looking through the galaxy,
the remaining stars continue to glow
leaving the old behind.
A dwarf star is all that remains.


Priya Chauhan


Bio: Priya Chauhan tends to daydream as she observes the sky. She draws inspiration from the world around her and paints it on canvases. Although her hobby keeps her up late, it serves as a way for her to relax.