#1 shahai 



the depth of




Tibetan, Ladakh, India. 



#1 haiku



cat jumps on the bed 

looks away



#2 haiku 



and Facebook down 

I google solutions 



#3 haiku 


a stream of honks 

in the horizon

snow geese



#1 mono


one thing I did differently today everyone notices




You know you have become old when... 



each night train 

rumbles its old track 

I know which hour



longest night 

the distant rumble

of another train



tossing moon

awake till the rumbles

of dawn trains




rumbles my train 

of thoughts



#1 quote 


home is not for a day 

the old tenant returns 



#2 quote 


when friendship breaks 

look up 

see a few stars fall



#1 gogyoshi 


things I do

when you don't respond

to my text

switch off notifications

and mute devices 




when my phone has one percent battery left... 


here:          brb

friend:       what is brb?

here:          be right back

friend:       ;0

here:          lol

friend:       what lol?

here:          lots of love

friend:        huh?

here:          🤟

friend:        what?

here:           i💗u

🔋 🔋 🔋   flat...😔😉😁




Christina Chin


Bio:  Christina Chin is from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. She writes haiku, short prose, poems, creates meaningful short videos and participates in art exhibitions. She has haiku, haiga, senryu, tanka and gogyoshi published both in print and online with several reputable anthologies and journals.