Timeless Love


I met my first love when I was thirteen.

It was always her smile that constantly gleamed.

Often, we went on thrilling adventures

in which precious memories were made.

A first kiss, so sweet and harmonious.

A feeling that remains etched in time.


Time flew fast as we went to college.

We promised to work to become husband and wife

and live a life that wasnÕt filled with strife.

A lot has changed after a few years.

We graduated and met again after what felt like an eternity.

Every memory we made became something I missed.

But then came that day when she finally said, ÒYes.Ó

Bells tolled and the air was filled with happiness

as she walked towards me down the aisle.

It was the moment IÕve been waiting for,

the ceremony that sealed our fates together forever.


Eventually we received gifts of life,

a beautiful family, a wish granted.

Our desires were fulfilled, to see them from the start,

and see them grow up.

How old weÕve gotten! It hasnÕt felt that fast.

Our once youthful nature slowly departed.

We loved each other so nothing was ever in vain.

But an evil force struck; it was him, Death.

And stole her from me in an instant.


No words to speak,

no emotion to feel.

Never again will I see her,

and never again can I forgive my own conscience.


© Liam Chua