It was a stormy day and the mafia had just met at their normal pick up spot. The bar they had gone to was dead silent. Their don had just died of a heart attack. His body donated to science. His men sat at the bar and recollected on his life. His brother, the next don, was ready to run the family now.

“Don Gilamoto was the best don to ever run our family, but I now have the responsibility to run this family,” said the brother. The men looked at him and said,

“You are not half the man he is and you should be ashamed for not being there when he needed you.”

The night was unlike any other, when Don Gilamoto instructed his men to bring his brother to him. Don Gilamoto was pushing 60; he was old, fat and smoked too often. His knees could no longer support his weight and he was in too much pain to get out of bed. He was the father of Sam and Michael, both of whom had left the family to become scientists. Therefore he wanted to do one last thing for them, which was to donate his body to science.  His brother Pitt, although great with money, was an outcast, loser, and a failure to the family. He had no right even talking to the don. The don knew he would die any day now.  He needed a real blood relative to take his place as don. He did not want the business to fail. He wanted to make sure that the police would not catch the mafia and he wanted to maintain the strict code of conduct. The Don knew that with Pitt as the don, the mafia would be in good financial order for years to come.

Five years ago, Don Gilamoto was the most feared man in the city of Los Angeles. As the leader of the Oma Gang, he was the most feared man in town. Many feared his name however; rival gangs wanted the Don dead. Don Gilamoto distributed drugs and weapons to the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. The Don would go onto taking over the Los Angeles Police Department and the courts of Los Angeles. Until recently, the Don had been in good health.

 One day he was swimming in an ice lake when he got a stroke and was sent to the emergency room. It was there that the rival gang, the Oppa Gang, came and attacked the don. Five men with fully automatic rifles came down to the hospital broke down the door and began a mass attack against the don and his men. The five men did not mortally hit the don, but they did hit both his knees causing him to receive knee replacements. Luckily, the police came and killed all the attackers. This sent a message to the Oma Gang.  They knew that they weren’t the powerhouse mafia they once were.

The months following the attack on the don changed Gilamoto. He spent more time at church; he began ignoring his features and started growing out a gray moustache. He began to ignore his mafia duties and spent more time living out his life. One random day, Gilamoto called up his sons and told him that he would like to donate his body to science because that would be the one thing he could do in his life that would actually contribute to society. His sons all agreed and said that this was something that he could have a good name for. So the don signed the waivers and agreed to donate his body to science. Meanwhile, the rival gangs were growing in power. The don had not given any productive instructions to his men in many months and many turned to rival gangs and left the family. The loyal members stayed but even then, the members warned and told the don that he needed to do something otherwise they would be out of business.

As the don’s brother Pitt came in, the don was on the verge of death. The don then called his brother and told him.

“We must not continue this. I have made plans for us to start a casino in Las Vegas and we will relocate. You must get our men to move with you to Las Vegas. The Oppa Gang has grown way too strong and we have no chance here. I will stall the gang here and you will relocate the family to Las Vegas.”

Pitt then left the house with the don’s guards and the rival gang infiltrated the house. As they did the don had a heart attack and died. Pitt then took the rest of the mafia to Las Vegas where they started a new mafia and a casino that would prosper for the next decade. The don was sent to a science lab where he was described as old, with knee transplants, and had weird facial features. He will be remembered for his contributions to science in the study of human fat and the study of knees.


© Darren Chu


Bio:   Darren Chu is a student athlete at Cerritos High School. He enjoys both hanging out with friends and making movies. His favorite class is Creative Writing.