The Exam


Watching the minute hand move around the clock

My arms grew heavy and I couldnŐt move

My life is a mess

Everything was falling apart


I was lost in a world of wonder

No words could utter from my mouth

No thoughts inside my curious brain.

I could not seek refuge among those I loved


Tears started uncontrollably running down

My anxiety was crawling up inside me

Could this be the end?

It was like nobody was hearing my cry for help

Everything at once was being thrown at me


Suddenly, the door opened

I walked in, sat down, and began life.



Running Low


I ventured

through the mountains 

with my friends

for the entire week


I brought the car

back to the house

running on 



I sincerely apologize

ocean blue skies 

fresh spring air and lush greenery

were so beautiful 

© Jacob Chung

Bio:  Jacob Chung has been wiping motor oil off his hands ever since he learned to drive. When he isnŐt working on his car or a video, you will find him traveling the world. He is handy enough to teach you a skill or two if you can catch him on a day that he isnŐt working.