I will bounce
the empty moon for you
twirl the dynamite stick
until sparks of purple
splash into the frozen bay.....

The waggle of the waffles
hopping hot out of the toaster
in retro avocado green
will never coincide
with the shift
I will do under the earthly cover
to shake the fallout
off your rust-riddled hair.

Once the slippage of water
is confounded by my in-held breath
monasteries will chant
your name
and lost books of antiquity
and religious lore
will descend into libraries
where data bases will shimmer
with a batch of light
once seen long ago
and not again
until now noir nights.

                          Zodiac 1966

                         Murderers always say
                         why not

                         when calm
                         before action.

                         On Terracina
                         you can look north
                         across the arroyo,
                         stream bed
                         and see downtown
                         hear it sung by Petulia Clark
                         where life takes place
                         most of the natural day.

                        Some people do pay
                         attention to the zodiac
                         how it affects the mood
                         needs of lonely men
                         and pretty girls walking down
                         unlit alleys alone.

                         Each stabbing,
                         no matter famous
                         or not
                         is important
                         and deserving of solution
                         despite how lumbering
                         and long
                         it takes,

                         my dear
                         Cheri Jo.



Edmund Alferez

After teaching Marxism
two classes a day,
I pull off my penny loafers or
saddle shoes
and solid knit tie
to indulge....

The dean may seem
to know
what I do
at times
his secrets
are kept as well
as mine.

Bach in the basement
Tzara in the tower
and me
in the mezzanine.

It snowed today
for the first time
in twenty-nine years
around here.

I left my tie
and my shoes
and my soul
on for a change.

© Mike Cluff