Here we are



After the fussing

The fighting

The I hate you

After the break-up,


After the "don't even look at me because I can't stand your trifling ass"...

"Don't call me anymore because the sight if your name against my caller ID makes me sick"


After we've both come up with every reason as to why this could & would never work,

Or why we simply can't just be,

Here we are,



When I looked through the peep hole of my front door

And saw you standing there,

I asked who it was simply to form an excuse for my reflexes to open the door that my heart had never closed.


When you stood in my living room

I knew you were there with humbleness, because your pupils were dilated with light showers of sincerity that I would normally call teardrops but today, they mean so much more,


Here we are,



So now we stand facing each other

With our mouths closed but our souls saying everything,

Letting our spirits converse like we were old friends and had never lost touch

Before I knew it my eyes were closed & your warm hands had wrapped around my body and when your lips brushed up against mine it sent a tingling sensation down my spine & through my nervous system


Your very touch buckled my knees and curled all 10 of my toes & when finally I opened my eyes

I looked at you in a new light,


Because I realized that you’re the only one I want so


Here we are

In love




© Alexandria Colbert