In an Instant


            “Babe, can you get the chairs out of the truck?” I shouted through the corridor.

            “Yeah, I just let Milo out into the backyard and he loves it,” he said with a smile.

          “I knew he would like it,” I grinned. “Come on, I’ll help you with the chairs.”

            This was our new beginning. My husband, Elias, and I had found this place in Virginia months ago and instantly fell in love. We had gotten the opportunity to live here because of a job offer that he got and I was so excited.

            “The movers will be here in a couple of minutes,” Elias said.

             “Alrighty, let’s get the smaller things out of the way then,” I stated as I grabbed a bin of kitchen items.

              “Well, aren’t you a hard worker,” Elias teased.

              Soon enough the movers arrived. There were three of them and they introduced themselves as Jack, Ty, and Marcus. They began moving all the heavy furniture into the house and we were making progress. I smiled to myself as I thought of the future that was planned ahead of us.

           “Move that couch into the living room, please,” I told Ty.

“Sure,” he replied.

All of a sudden I felt something breeze by my leg and it scared me. I looked around to see what had touched my leg and I saw Milo running out into the street.

“Milo, come back!” I called.

I began to panic as I saw incoming cars. I knew I had to stop him before a paw even touched the street. He kept running and he was getting really close to the movers. I knew that I had to run after him, but that I also had to be careful. So I chased after him, but to no avail, he kept evading me.

               “Milo, stop!” I ordered.

He ran and bumped into Jack’s leg. Jack had lost his balance and I knew that the couch was going to fall.

“Milo!” I screamed again in desperation.

But it was too late, the couch fell out of the movers’ hands right to where Milo was. I couldn’t do anything, it all happened so fast. A loud yelp came from Milo and I rushed over to where he was.

“Get this off of him!” I screamed in panic. I saw that the couch had hit his paw and I began to freak out.

“Where is the nearest animal hospital?” I asked in a hurry.

“It’s right down the street,” Ty said.

                I picked up Milo and put him into the car. Driving, I heard Milo crying in the back.

                “It’s okay, Boy. It’s okay,” I said as I tried to comfort him.

                I parked, got Milo and ran into the hospital.

               “Hurry, please. A couch fell on his leg while the movers were carrying it. Please, help him,” I pleaded.

               “Bring him over to that room,” one of the nurses said. “The doctor will be in right away.” I brought him to the room and the doctor told me that I had to sit outside in the waiting room while he took x-rays. It seemed like I was in the waiting room for hours, until the doctor came out.

“Come in,” he directed.

“So, it appears that the couch crushed his right paw. It’s completely immobile. He’s going to have a prosthetic paw. I don’t think there’s any other way he could fully recover without it,” he informed me.

I thought over what he had said and I came to the conclusion that the prosthetic was really the only way. He wouldn’t be able to live a better life without it. 

“Let’s go for it," I said.


© Janine Conlu