Golden Painted Grass


Grown in a field of golden painted grass.

Raised with a certain mentality

Where you smile and hide what you see.

The smell of roses only lasts so long

When it was patented to last temporarily.

The feel of heat only goes so far

When the machine pumping it out runs out of power.

Disguised days of diligence when all you feel is exhaustion.

The sight of sunlight is warm

Though the moon comes eventually and light dies.

Gold painted grass may fill a field

With obvious monetary and aesthetical worth,

But one day the paint will wear off.


Samuel Correa


Bio:  Samuel Correa can usually be found looking down at a script, intently memorizing each word as he walks from place to place. Its not until days later that hes able to execute each line on a stage, where he puts in every piece of hard work hes effectuated to use. Coming from Long Beach, California, hes been acting and writing for as long as he can remember, finding his passion in words and the endless combination they can make. His work is inspired by literature such as Call Me By Your Name and Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, and has been published on Six Word Stories. Samuel plans to study Public Relations at California State University, Long Beach, and use his writing to help give voices to clientele who  need it the most. Much like the process of memorizing scripts, he likes to live life stirringly, constantly looking for an adventure with friends and family.