Lost in Thought


A lot of me is lost.

Battling to replace these terrifying thoughts.

Caving into my fear, trapped here.

Was peace ever near? Will it reappear?


Oh dear, I donÕt know if we know why weÕre here

Oh my, too deep, please stop thinking


I know how dire it is to remain breathing,

But it feels as if my peace lies with me ending.

I'm broken with addictive tendencies

Tripping on hallucinogens, now you're suffering.


Oh dear, I donÕt know if we know why weÕre here 

Oh my, too deep, please stop thinking


A lot of me is lost.

This tribulation traps me in a box;

Feelings unspoken next to these empty matchboxes.

That burning sensation turns to numbness.


Oh dear, I donÕt know if we know why weÕre here

Oh my, too deep, please stop thinking


Refrain Credit to Twenty One Pilots ( Car Radio)


Bitter Sweet


This is how she died


What a lovely day you painted before her eyes

The sun was setting and she melted in your heavenly arms

Nothing to fear with someone you trust right?

What is fear?




She learned that day what the phrase bittersweet means

ItÕs been a couple of years now 

The nightmares are still present from what you did to her

If only she could have changed the outcome

Would she still be here?

Her soul gone, left behind




If she just changed the fact she wore shorts.

If she had just changed the fact that she got into that car.


The bitter feeling of betrayal 

The sweet feeling of trust ripped away and replaced with fear 

Bitter Sweet 

Oh how bitter sweet a small mistake can be


Be careful who you trust, 

It can change your entire life.

It only takes one tiny mistake


© Sofie Costa

Sofie is an aspiring writer from Cypress, California who is currently focusing on poems and short stories. She plans to attend Cerritos College to further her knowledge in technical theatre. She finds comfort in writing and creating music which allows her to gather determination to conquer her hardships. When she is not writing or creating music she can be found in her natural habitat, the swimming pool, where she releases her stress and anxieties. Her passion for creating and building have been highlighted throughout her senior year through the VAPA program at Cerritos High School where she was a stage manager and stage hand for two productions. There she found inspiration and support for her writing career.  A variety of interests have stemmed from the VAPA program where her support for creativity is strong. Sofie is currently working on publishing a few of her poems and short stories for other peers to read. Sofie hopes to continue her publication and writing techniques in the future as she continues on with her career. She would like to dedicate this to her older sister who raised her and her theatre teacher at Cerritos High School.