Yesterday We Made Love


jasmine between my thighs

brush of a feather caressing my



succulent salty


the warmth of your tongue licking honey 

from the crest of my supple hips





sweating pulsing

skin on skin



tingles running between my toes

dripping from the tips of my earlobes


like the boom boom rhythm 

of the drum

the afterglow of morning he will not share

catching me unprotected 

so I will tell him I am night.


chaos skips ahead 


strength smells like winter rains

like how a strand of his hair 

smells of a weeping willow


clipped birds’ wings…

smells like lost dreams            

like the silent orange/red of

his sun-stroked lashes


tastes like water on thirsty skin

like a meal for two


eaten alone


the fall of a rose

a raven calling morning to its friends 

ocean wind and sand playing tag you’re it!


the sunrise whispers to the moon, ‘thanks, I got this’


© Kat Croswell


Bio:  Kat Croswell is an Oakland transplant with Chicago roots. She’s a proofreader and poet with an MFA in fiction. Her many published pieces include winning a Novel Writing Festival. Kat wrote the first draft of her debut novel long hand and is currently seeking a publisher for her second one.